Emtage Electric Co. Limited is an electrical supplier in Bridgetown, and is your one stop shop for Electrical in Barbados. Emtage Electric in Barbados supplies high quality electrical materials at the right price, so its no surprise that we are the #1 choice of the best electricians in the business.

Since 1918 the Hallmarks of Our Company located in Bridgetown, Barbados have been Service, Value and Customer Satisfaction. With this standard from inception we have been offering a wide range of General Electric products in addition to products from Crabtree, Thomas and Betts, Leviton and Eagle Electric, suited for homes, schools, warehouses, sheds and light commercial buildings, which have all been made to strict specifications and industry designs. Our products are not only dependable in terms of delivery and flexibility but are also reliable in terms of all around performance and utility. Added to this is the crowning stamp of durability, a noted feature guaranteeing that our GE products and others will not only stand the test of time but translate into value for your money and stability for your investment. We are Stockers of GE Circuit Breakers, GE Circuit Breaker Enclosures, GE General Duty Safety Switches, GE PowerMark Load Centers, GE Modular Meters, NEMA Combo Starters (3-phase), Panel boards, Lighting Contactors, Main Lug Kits and Accessories, Cables, Bulbs, 2ft and 4ft Fluorescent Tubes, Starters, Fittings and much more.

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Supplier of GE Products
Industry leaders in electrical materials.

We have what YOU need
From energy efficient bulbs to heavy duty cable, we have you covered!

A wide range of quality products
From Sun Wave motor starters,  Fitzgerald-Lighting, G.E-C/Breakers & Panels, EIL-Electric Cables & Accessories, PVS Conduits and Trunking. Emtage Electric Co Ltd also offers products from Crabtree, Eagle Electric, Leviton and Thomas and Betts, and much more!